Hawk probably hacks


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    Hawk probably hacks

    Post by Crash on Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:45 am

    Hello everyone,

    I want to ask if anyone else finds Hawk (Meteor, Nightfall, Flow, iS) very suspicious or is that me? Everytime I see him, he is in a bill it's so crazy. He either has crazy luck or he hacks bills. I once counted his bills and he had eight (Cool including 2 8th place bills. I think he scores way more compared to what his actual skill level is.

    I have people to back me up as well, TK64 (a well respected player in the community) also told me Hawk is bullshit and Kyle White (a well known respectable player) told me Hawk straight up hacked in Nightfall (apparently Hawk even used a bill in a 1v1 vs Kyle!).

    Any opinions?



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    Re: Hawk probably hacks

    Post by Akane on Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:00 am

    I can vouch for this, I've made the same observation in the past

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    Re: Hawk probably hacks

    Post by Hawk on Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:53 pm

    you guys are just haters lmao, I can't believe you would even think about writing a discussion post about a legit player like me. you can't put me on conditions for getting a bill. if u did,u would have to put everyone on the conditionals list who has ever touched this game, retards.


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    Re: Hawk probably hacks

    Post by Jeffx97 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:27 pm

    In a war between Ethereal and Charged Brigade not too long ago Hawk dodged in a bill 8 (EIGHT) times in 12 races. Fucking hilarious how someone as blatant as that has not been banned yet, that loser lacks some serious skills and tries to back himself up with hacks.

    I received this piece of information from a reliable source - Wally and Lugia (respected players that were both involved in that clan match)

    I really hope the trash will be brought out ASAP!

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    Re: Hawk probably hacks

    Post by Vettel on Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:13 pm

    council always takes ages with their decisions..

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    Re: Hawk probably hacks

    Post by Chain on Fri May 11, 2018 6:15 pm

    expect a decision tomorrow 1pm PDT


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    Re: Hawk probably hacks

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