IL Week 1: Electrcity vs Titanium



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    Re: IL Week 1: Electrcity vs Titanium

    Post by Poptartman7 on Sun May 05, 2013 8:23 pm

    People. I can upload my perspective. It legitimately looked like he hacked. Why are you all saying to be that I am embarresed. I am not. I can upload my perspective. It really looked like he hacked. I see now that he didn't but am i a "12-year old embarresment" ??? No i am
    not. I just asked him to upload his PoV. I can upload mine and you can all see why i thought he hacked. I really dont care what you say. I stand by my decision. Saying im pathetic, lol. Who cares. It was one request. Get over it. It was a good war until i ask indiana to upload his perspective and the entire clan goes ape shit.
    Good Games

    Btw, we didnt accuse him of hacking shrooms. Lap 2 of raceway, it looked like a red fell out of him and then he used a mega. I can upload wat it looked like on my screen to show you why but you can see it on his recording. It looks like he drops a red and chains a mega. Games. I dont think anything else needs to be discussed.

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    Re: IL Week 1: Electrcity vs Titanium

    Post by Zero on Sun May 05, 2013 8:31 pm

    Zero wrote:If there's any suspicion of hacking, videos of the war should be given to a member of the big bad Adviser Group for them to look at it Razz Otherwise stfu bishes :3


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