Riku's Application for Journalist



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    Riku's Application for Journalist

    Post by Riku on Sun May 20, 2012 12:58 am

    Here is a basic run over of my info:
    Name: Riku
    Age: 19
    Skype: zizzlemkw

    I have been playing this particular game since release and have had a broad range of experiences in this alone. I thoroughly enjoy talking (typing) about this game and games in general. I currently have been doing staff work for Prime League which is the main league for Mario Kart 7. Over there I am a forum moderator and help discuss decisions about the league. That isn't time consuming to cut into tasks here since as I'm sure most of you know the MK7 community base is quite a bit smaller. The main reason a brought that up is over on the Prime League site I enjoy making extensive predictions posts going as far and breaking down every team and which games I think they will win. I'm hoping to do that sort of thing for this league or whatever plans Eirik and staff have in store of the journalist on this site. I also have many means to display journalism, as I have already said I do enjoy typing about the games itself, but an idea that I always thought was cool was an idea implemented quite awhile ago by someone in the WCL community with podcasts. I cannot recall is name but those always seemed interesting and informative and I'd be open to doing that idea as well.

    Anyway this is all the information I can think of putting in here now if you have any further questions of me you can always contact me at zizzlemkw , my Skype.

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