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    READ: Applying for Council

    Post by EirikN on Thu May 17, 2012 5:44 pm

    As with the Staff information thread, thanks for taking the time to apply for being a part of the IL council. With the community still running 4 years into the inception of the game we focus on, many developments have occurred throughout the community that requires this league, or rather any league, to have a particularly strong-minded body of people that are able to make sound judgments on any current events throughout the community. Not only will this council discuss about cheating, it will also cover league judgments in general.

    Those applying must generally display the same basic qualities as mentioned before in the Staff information sticky. However, additionally those applying must have a good knowledge of the players in the community, current developments with cheating / HBC, and a shared sentiment to help the league and community out in general rather than whatever may benefit their own end.

    Good luck in your applications!

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