[W6] 360 Avail vs. Insane Team 372


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    [W6] 360 Avail vs. Insane Team 372

    Post by Lynx on Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:30 pm




    I dunno why we keep failing @ IL, while we do good in normal wars, oh well *sigh*

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    Re: [W6] 360 Avail vs. Insane Team 372

    Post by BenDK on Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:20 am

    Eirik said, that you dont have to play week 6. so you´ve wasted 1 hour of your life. Special Thanks to Eirik.

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    Re: [W6] 360 Avail vs. Insane Team 372

    Post by Bounty on Sun Jul 29, 2012 2:47 pm

    BenDK wrote:Eirik said, that you dont have to play week 6. so you´ve wasted 1 hour of your life. Special Thanks to Eirik.

    This post was so out of place, I just had to decide to make a legitimate response.

    First off, there was suppose to be a break week but you insisted on not having one for our division since nothing changed (in the IL is a piece of crap thread which is gone now), so W6 was only played in this division because of you, you are passing the blame on that for Eirik. However, this isn't what I wanted to address, but I just found it comical. That match also seemed like an exciting and fun match since it was close throughout the whole war and no one complained about it.

    I know Eirik failed hard and he knows it to. But there's a big difference between you two. Eirik made a public apology and manned up to his errors and mistakes and is trying to fix them now (hopefully he puts much effort in it this time), while you would just sit around and make posts like “IL Fails”, “This league sucks”. The fact you didn't even try to help re-build the league and just added to the negativity shows that you are just as bad, if not worse than Eirik was. You're like the person that complains about people being bullied but never stand up or that guy who complains about the government but doesn't vote. You simply just sit and complain about everything and wait for others to change it instead of putting in any effort yourself. And to be honest, that disgusts me and that's the exact reason why I hated myself for a long time because I had that same mindset for a long period of time. Why not try to be helpful and encouraging like some of the other staff, a great example would be Vik from cB.

    About the life wasting of the match. People play mkw to have fun or at least I assume so, clans do wars outside of league matches to have fun – not only league matches are played. Yes, it's possible that the team or some players had to waste that hour if they didn't want to play or even their day if they planned around to complete a league match, however, you are wasting years of your life by having that mind set, I would know.

    As for being a good admin, it's not like you were the best division admin in the league either. Many of the clans weren't happy with the style you chose to admin the division and thought you were rather a cold person. A division admin should be for the people and not against the people. Some people even complained to other staff about you which shows you did something wrong plus the fact you had a negative attitude towards the league while you an admin which never helps.

    To be more blunt, don't insult others efforts or laugh at their mistakes if you aren't even willing to offer anything or take any risks yourself.

    Good day.


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    Re: [W6] 360 Avail vs. Insane Team 372

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