Division 7 Closing Post


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    Division 7 Closing Post

    Post by Vettel on Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:40 am


    I honestly do not really know why I am opening a new thread for this but everyone does it like that and I guess I'll just go with them!

    First of all, thanks everyone for playing. We had some nice and close matches this season but sadly the bad moments such as dropouts / freewins / rage could be find way too often in this division.

    However, CONGRATULATIONS Mexican Pride you just won a sexy banner and a Vettelsigned sticker with your 10-0 this season.
    You clearly deserved the win.
    You beat all 3 German teams and I am looking forward to more wars of you in the future!
    Also Congrats to wZo, TGC and GP7 who made this a really german division probably sad for everyone who does not speak german. Thanks for playing the whole season though.

    Also thanks to iA for subbing in after week 5 and for continueing to play after they died in week 7.
    Sadly the other teams didn't make it through.

    It already started before week 1 when L7 dropped followed by MKR but I guess that are the summer months.

    Next season will start a bit later and I hope I see everyone participating again, maybe TGC wants to rethink their decision. (:

    See you!

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