[W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow



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    Re: [W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow

    Post by D on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:46 pm

    Lol, how about everyone stops talking and we'll see who starts it up again

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    Re: [W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow

    Post by Crash on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:51 pm

    o wrote:and thank Smithou for his efforts in this match.
    I was about to give you an actual answer but this made me think fuck it it won't help trying to talk to little kids [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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    Re: [W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow

    Post by Stevens94 on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:57 pm

    Zero wrote:
    Stevens94 wrote:If that's really considered making asses out of ourselves then so is cB members parading around the "WinOrRQcB" miis

    The only person in cB who used that mii was Lugia and just saying that should explain it lol. I even told him not to use it when I saw it.

    Hmph. It's been made quite clear how some of you feel about that whole situation and that's not the only thing which has helped cause all of this. Fair enough, some of you poke fun of his reasons for leaving. I didn't agree with how some people left Flow back when it happened, a prime example being Smith who basically just left us for no reason.... twice. Others left based on an impulse. Yet some of your members have given Yasha the cold shoulder simply due to him leaving. Tell people to not talk to him if they don't have anything nice to say, and that will help alleviate some of the bad feelings, because quite honestly there is no need for all this. I'm only saying all this because I want this to end.

    Zero wrote:
    Stevens94 wrote:All of this bad blood between people is actually annoying too, fack
    Some things will never change though, obviously! cheers

    Don't know what you mean by the second part but I completely agree with you on the first part. Shame you guys had to do this which only increases the "bad blood" between us.  

    Seems the basis behind #ThankYouSmith is known. One thing I do not understand is why people think Rt are the whiniest, most "serious" top tier clan. Sure, we try our best to win like everyone else. But during my time in Rt so far, I have not seen anything which would make me believe we are anything remotely like the extent to what others think of us. Don't trust my judgement? Fine. That's your choice. But I'm telling you, the majority of people have a misconstrued conception of what Rt is like. Key cases in point that come to mind are Lugia's "I Love Crash" video and the wZ call in the war last night. People made fun of us for a bit of a laugh, sure, but most of it wasn't reminiscent of our members.
    Oh and, the second part? It was more of a general comment. I can't remember a time when the community hasn't been like this. And it only seems to be getting worse. People bitch, people moan, people insult, which only helps encase this community in a giant bubble of bitterness.

    Zero wrote:We were just simply stating the fact that Yasha ragequit our clan because he wanted to win IL. Nothing harmful there, amirite?

    That's cute trying to make yourselves seem like the innocent ones in all of this, only being defensive and all. You all start just as much shit as we do, and to be quite honest that is mostly the reason we do it, because we are tired of hearing you guys trash talk. Besides, things we have said aren't any worse than what anyone else has said about your clan, so how do you not have bad blood between the entire community by now?

    We are not the worst offenders for trash talk. So your apparent motivation to do so at us just is not the case.

    Zero wrote:You're wrong when you say we don't agree with Yasha's decision to leave. In fact, it was the better decision for cB and for him to leave. He is too competitive for our clan and is a better fit in Rt.

    Again, cute touch at the end. There was no reason for you all to come post here with your immature comment and if you're really going to try and play that off as legitimately "just thanking Smith for his efforts" you're a complete idiot.

    One of the main things that's clear is we play to enjoy ourselves whilst still trying to be competitive. But people try and make out like we're one of the worst offenders of trash talking and all that when we really aren't. I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't true. People who know me best know I wouldn't. Again, just take a listen to wZ's skype call vs us last night. They trash talked a shit-ton more than we did in that war alone, but that's kinda expected from wZ (nothing against them, by the way). The things Crash was saying about our members in Lugia's vid were off-point.

    To be honest, this is pretty much a vicious circle we're in right now. It's about time we got out of it. And yeah, sorry for brining all this into a results thread, Chain. Unlucky cB for losing, well done AR for winning, hopefully the final 2 weeks will prove to be exciting.

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    Re: [W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow

    Post by Zero on Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:02 pm

    o wrote:Yet you try to justify yourselves here that only Maiiko used it and that you told him not to use it as it was immature?

    It was a joke, much like your one about you all "thanking Smith" See how ridiculous it was now?

    o wrote:I find it quite funny how you say you don't agree with Yasha's decision to leave because the moment Yasha left was when cB started constantly attacking Rt. If you guys truly thought Rt was a better fit for Yasha, then why all the hate as soon as he joins us? I'm not saying we're innocent, we've done our fair share of unnecessary trash talk, but this was only due to the way some cB members have been acting towards us previously. It seems to me as if cB and and only select few other individuals have been talking huge amounts of trash talk to Rt, so I don't get what you're trying to say about having "bad blood with the entire community by now".

    I never tried to play the Smith part off as legitimate, that was definitely unnecessary, but not even close to cB's level of unnecessary trash talk. But again, cute touch at the end.

    Just because it was the best decision for everyone doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a little fun poked at it. The dude left a mario kart wii clan in order to win a mario kart wii clan league. You can't tell me for one second that doesn't deserve at least some jokes... come on. We're playing fucking mario kart and having that much of an obsession with winning in this game is pretty laughable.

    That's where any "hate" from us was directed, but you can't even really call that hate, because Yasha is still a cool person and we all like him. We all enjoyed his company and his talking in skype calls. He's a cool person. He just really wants to win.

    This is just an endless cycle right now of "well we only trash talked because they did it" and it's pretty obvious why. Yasha/Rt was offended by our jokes towards Yasha so you all retaliated with trash talk, but in our eyes we just said some jokes so your trash talk was seen as unnecessary and therefore retaliated more by us. I'd really love if we all just shut the fuck up and not hate each other anymore, because I am (used to be?) friends with a lot of people in Rt and having this shit hanging over our heads isn't something I enjoy. We'll try to cut down on the trash talk on streams and on skype (talking trash in war calls is inevitable) and I hope you do the same.

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    Re: [W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow

    Post by Chain on Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:04 pm

    Locked until further notice.

    If there is still something unclear, please clarify it on Skype and not on the forums, thanks for your appreciation. cat


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    Re: [W8] Charged Brigade vs. Alliance Rainbow

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