[W10] !7 375 vs 357 n§



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    Re: [W10] !7 375 vs 357 n§

    Post by Phil on Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:54 am

    Chain wrote:
    it's not like you tried the same thing in the past without warring me and it's also not like we warred you a few days ago. cheers

    Don't even try to turn something I said in a skype-call you heard on a stream or when i was messing around with zoan in a chat against me.
    I guess you're refering to the war we had a like week ago where you needed to count a fake 13th race and apply that stupid ISO-rule to give your team a + 4 win, because you couldn't bear the fact you lost to us twice in row, legitly.
    And as you said: You recorded the whole war back then. So go ahead and upload any suspicious things in the "cheating section" if you've found any which I highly doubt, because you no-lifing, insecure and attention seeking kid would've provided these already. And stop saying crap about my team, me and my friends here, all you do is making a fool of yourself and the whole league staff by keeping on flaming and calling hacks on innocent clans and players.

    As this is my last post here for this season, GGs to all participating teams and good luck for the upcoming season. I'm really looking forward to our matches, n§. I love you

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    Re: [W10] !7 375 vs 357 n§

    Post by Adi/Clone on Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:59 am

    nice Name Phil Basketball

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