TK64's Application for Division Admin


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    TK64's Application for Division Admin

    Post by TK64 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:16 pm

    Hi. As you can see I'm applying for Division Admin. My main reason for this is because what I've been seeing constantly for seasons upon seasons are division admins who don't really care and take as long as weeks to update the tables. If I'm selected as a Division Admin table updates will be extremely quick as I have plenty as free time and the process is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes. If I said I'm not lazy I would be lying, but something this simple to do wouldn't be something I hold off out of laziness. I have past experience with league tables due to MK7 PL and making my own tables for my division out of frustration due to careless or lazy division admins.

    As for the decision making side of it, from what I can tell division admins don't even always get to make the decision but if I was put in this situation I'm not biased and would make the logical choice no matter how much I like or dislike the clans in question.

    Thanks for reading.

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