Looking for a coloured name! (Vettel)


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    Looking for a coloured name! (Vettel)

    Post by Vettel on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:05 pm

    Hey everyone!
    First of all I really like the work admins are doing here. To make it easier for them I wanted to tell you that I would help out at any time!
    Although I haven't played Mario Kart Wii as long as pretty much everyone else I know I pretty much know how the whole clan community and all that stuff works. I've a lot of experience due to me leading a clan myself, at probably the hardest time to lead a clan, for about a year already. Of course I do human mistakes. Who did not accuse someone of hacking due to being pissed? But I usually do not rage long on people and I am not unforgiving.
    I am 15 years old and I am from Germany. My English is pretty good considering that my state is the worst state in all English contests in entire Germany.
    If I get considered as an admin I do not really care about what kind of admin. I will help out where it is needed to make season 4 even better than the previous seasons (although that will be very very hard).
    I have most of the days a lot of time when I am done with with sport (which is really a lot) and my homeworks. I do my work fast and usually correct. If someone needs my real name feel free to ask me via Skype (mignon556) even though I don't know why that should be needed.

    I hope that these were enough informations about me.
    Feel free to ask me more. Either on Skype or right here.

    have a nice day
    ~ Vettel

    oh and the story behind my name...well I am a huge Formula 1 fan. Formula 1 is one of the most important things in my life. Well to be honest I am not really a Vettel fan. I just used this name because it kind of summarizes me (If you see my name/mii first you already know I am Formula 1 fan and you may notice that I am German). Actually this name came to my mind 1 year ago in a MKWii chat in a chat in in the internet community "Flipnote Hatena", which was my entry to the "real" Mario kart world.

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