[W3] MKR 347 - 385 nX


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    Re: [W3] MKR 347 - 385 nX

    Post by Peri on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:57 pm

    Bounty wrote:Missed your point at Peri about the 3 day d/c. It's usually been added that the people get +1, +2 although it's luck who appears where. That might be changed for the future though since you brought that up and if that had an effect on the winner or Bonus point that would cause many issues.

    Yeah evidently what I have pointed it isnt a big deal. cept when you get a tight match and all hell brakes lose Very Happy

    The main problem for me is I might have to make changes to my table to accommodate people getting points when they DC whilst showing that they DC'd. That's the the only reason I brought it up lol.

    Also suck it nX we got the scores right Razz

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    Re: [W3] MKR 347 - 385 nX

    Post by ★Sonι¢ζ☆ on Thu Nov 29, 2012 7:32 pm

    Enigma wrote:
    ok thats true but with your 1 dollar connection you need to know better
    Basketball You're the comedy club?

    i said i don't prefer to host but of course i can
    Yes you could be host, having been host ... or is that you have to wind your router ...
    if you don't have to and your connection is shit don't do it than because i can host with skype,wii,and stream or recording so that proof your connection is just shit and cheap)
    Basketball My connection is much better than you might have in your life.
    Fourth: There are not 14 images, well yes, but there are only 12 images / careers.

    (and stil it's wrong)
    Learning how to add....

    Fifth: Peppy, banned for host us? Do not make me laugh. Who else disconnects you had was you, Peri had two disconnections. That's not my fault.

    (you need glasses if you say i dced because i did not)

    Learn to read ... I do not speak to you at any time, I talk about PERI PERI PERI PERI PERI ... no PEPPY, or is that you are the center of the MK universe?

    End, not answer any more. regards

    Useless comentary and imposible to understand (used google translater)

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